anavasi maps on oregon 650

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anavasi maps on oregon 650

Δημοσίευση από janelaurie » Σάβ 07 Ιουν 2014, 11:59

hello all
I have a problem getting the Anavasi maps onto my GPS. it is an oregon 650 so should be able to display custom maps. i'm not sure if i have the Position Format information right for Greece or if it is something else. I have
User grid - UTM. false Easting +500000.0m. Scale 0.996000. False Northing 0.0m. Longitude origin E024degree 00.000. Latitude origin n00degree00.0000
Map datum: User. dx -00200m. DY +00074. DZ+00246.
map spheroid: DA, DF both +000.

We are walking though Greece, started in Florina, now in Kastoria and heading for Grammos tomorrow. We're really enjoying your mountains.

Many thanks for your help

Jane and Alan from England

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Re: anavasi maps on oregon 650

Δημοσίευση από pankan » Κυρ 08 Ιουν 2014, 12:55

I do not understand exactly your problem.
Are you experiencing a datum (position) shift between the indications of your gps and the paper Anavasi map?
The paper Anavasi maps come usuallay with two grids on. One grid in meters for EGSA87 (or HGRS87) datum and one grid in degrees for WGS84.
If you find difficulty with EGSA87, then set your GPS to show you its indications in plain WGS84.
Although it seems to me that you have the numbers right for HGRS87.
I repeat them with a little more (not necessary) accuracy.

D(a)= + 0.0
D(x)= - 200.1
D(y)= + 73.9
D(z)= + 246.0
D(f)= + 0.00001462

Latitude Origin: 0.00000
Longitude Origin: E 024.00.000
Scale (factor): 0.9996
False East: 500000.0
False North: 0
Unit to meters conversion: 1.00000


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