mount olympus and mount parnassus

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mount olympus and mount parnassus

Δημοσίευση από mikosloper » Σάβ 10 Σεπ 2011, 10:25

i am a solo hiker with plans to hike mount olympus and mount parnassus in late october. is there a worthwhile hike somewhere between these two mountains? or should i take a bus or train back through athens? that is: is there anything worth seeing/doing in between? i am interested in museums, buildings etc in addition to beautiful hiking trails. are there ancient shrines on either mountain which are not well-known in guide books? is there a good trail from delphi to the top of parnassus? tips about any other good hikes in either of these areas would be appreciated... i have only twelve days in greece, and i plan to spend four or so on olympus, and would appreciate advice on what to do with the rest of my time: back to athens and approach parnassus via delphi? or is there a good approach to parnassus from the north? is there a refuge (or hotel) on or near to mount parnassus?
many thanks in advance for your help!

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Δημοσίευση από nkroup » Τρί 13 Σεπ 2011, 14:17

I think you don't have much time to do more climbing if you need to stay 4 days in Olympus because the distance betewwen Parnasus and Olympus even is not long but the bus take time and also you need to change 2 or 3 buses. At least a full day will be spended on the road.
Rocks of Meteora in very intresting but know excaclty on the road from Delhi to Olympus. There are no any other sighnificant archelogilal site as much Athens, Delhi and Olympus. Althought there are many small but i don't think it is possibe to stop and spend much time travelling with the public transportation.
All the area west of the line Delhi-Olympus is covered with mountains up to 2200 metres altitude and there are many possible hikes but with out well signed routes and mostely not accessed but bus.
In Parnassus mountani you can stay in some of the villages. An other option is to visit Pelion mountain where there are many trekking paths you can see them in

I don't know Parnassus so I can not help you with more detail. If you need info from an other mountain (Olympus etc) let me know.

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Re: mount olympus and mount parnassus

Δημοσίευση από sajjad123 » Τετ 10 Δεκ 2014, 09:14

great, thanks for the information, though its a bummer I won't have my skis!
We're coming from the states but headed to warmer climates after Greece, so only our shoes and rack are coming with...


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